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Hi and welcome to my carrd!
Here you can find information on me and my commission!

Commission info

Anything and Everything about my commission!

About me

Information about myself and some FAQ!


Frequently asked questions and art permissions!

About me!

Hi! I'm Fluffy or Flynn, I'm a hobbyist artist who is trying to have fun!

---Important info about me---
-I use all pronouns but preferably they/them!
-Big pan disaster.
-Birthday is on July 28th!
-I'm a self-taught artist and animator!
-I draw a lot of fanarts for fandoms I'm in, right now my main is MCYT, One Piece!


---Random info---
-I really like sour food.
-Is probably a soda addict.
-I've been drawing for 4.5 years!
-I have a cat :D
-If we're mutuals imma let you know I love you a lot.

F.A.Qs and Art Permissions!

You can use my art as long as it's credited and it's non-profitable!-If you use my art in edits, remember to credit! I've seen people who didn't credit me, so if I see you from now on, I'll vibe check you.
-If you use my art as your profile pic, also remember to credit!

Please DO NOT repost my art WITHOUT PERMISSION or CREDIT.-If I see you repost my art without credit, I'll immediately take it down.

--What programs do you use?-I use Clip Studio Paint and Ibis Paint X to draw, Toon Boom Harmony and Flipaclip to animate!
-I use Sony Vegas Pro to edit my videos . And I draw with a HUION Kamvas 16 (2021) and a PC.

--What brushes do you use?-A round brush with taper and a textured version of said round brush.

--What's your persona??-what's a persona? jk here

Commission infos!

Fluffy's Commission Info

If you'd like to commission me please dm me through my Instagram (@fluffy_starlaxy), Twitter (@FluffyStarlaxy_) or Discord (Fluffy#2850)

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For examples please check my instagram page!